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About Us

Ruthie Winston and John Abajian have over 35 years of combined experience working in the antiques and estates auction industry. As consignment agents they had the privilege of viewing and handling a wide spectrum of property. Winston & Associates, L.L.C. provides the highest level of personal service with complete discretion and quiet professionalism and works closely with advisors, collectors and families. The completed appraisal will include detailed property descriptions and itemized values in a fully illustrated bound document. Our appraisals are accepted by the Internal Revenue Service, tax and estate planning professionals, insurance firms, and collectors. The hourly appraisal fee is based on the amount of time required, the volume and nature of the property, and the types of specialists or consultants engaged to produce

a credible and comprehensive document.

Ruthie Winston

Ruthie began her appraisal education in 1987 with the American Society of Appraisers. She has been compliant with the Uniform Standards of Appraisal Practice (USPAP) since 1989 and completed the Appraisers Association of America NYU Appraisal Studies Program in 1990. Ruthie joined the International Society of Appraisers in 2006 and holds designations in Fine Art and Antiques & Residential Contents, achieving a Certification in Personal Property (CAPP) in 2011.

John Abajian

John was part of a team of leading consignment agents for a regional auction house for over a decade, joining the auction house having retired from his original career. His refined eye and his exceptional service to clients distinguished him amongst his peers. He joined the International Society of Appraisers in 2011 and is an Accredited Member, compliant with USPAP, having a designation in Fine Art. That said, John has a keen interest in variety of material including African Art, Photography, French Furniture, Silver, etc. In 2016 he was appointed to the Accessions Committee of the New Orleans Museum of Art.

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